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Mollusks--Geographical distribution; Lakes--Minnesota


The molluscs of o northwestern Minnesota lake were sampled using transects, a sampling frame, and SCUBA. The species sampled were: Amnicola limosa, Valvata tricarinata, Gyraulus parvus, Physa cf. P. gyrina, Helisoma anceps, H. campanulata, Promenetus exacuous, Ferrissia parallela, Anodonta marginata, Lampsilis siliquoidea, and Sphaerium cf. S. striatum. The unionid clams, the adult Helisoma spp. and the Physa adults were associated with the absence of aquatic vegetation. Distinct associations of snail species were found with each plant association: G. parvus and V. tricarinata with the deep water Nitella opaca association, A. limosa and V. tricarinata with the mid-depth mixed macrophyte association, and H. anceps and Physa adults with the shallow water, rocky bottom macrophyte association. Two estimates of snail abundance were made for each depth. Neither proved very satisfactory, but they did indicate that snail abundance was related to the type and abundance of aquatic plants.

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