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Liverworts; Chlorophyll--Analysis


It is known that chlorophyll content of plant material varies with the season of the year, though the fact is sometimes lost sight of in studies of particular plant communities. Measurement of seasonal changes has been more often done with higher plants: e.g., Compton and Boynton (1945), Bordeau ( 1959). But Myiata and Hosokowa (1961) studied these changes in epiphytic mosses as correlated with photosynthetic efficiency.

This paper reports on a study made during 1963-1964 of the chlorophyll content of the leafy liverwort, Scapania nemerosa (l.) Dumort, measured at monthly intervals for a period of one year. This plant material was especially suitable because pure strands of it, growing on a cliff in Duluth, Minn., were accessible at aIl seasons.

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