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Fishes--Geographical distribution; Fishes--Minnesota; Zoological surveys


Recent collections of fishes in Minnesota hove resulted in the addition of two species, Moxostoma carinatum (Catostomidae) and Ammocrypta asprella (Percidae), to the state's inland faunal list. Additional information on the distribution of 11 other species (Minytrema melanops, Hybopsis x-punctata, Opsopoeodus emiliae, Dionda nubiloa, Notropis amnis, Notropis texanus, Notropis umbratilis, Pimephales vigilax, Lepomis humilis, Etheostoma asprigene, ond Etheostoma microperca) is presented . Collections in large rivers are responsible for several new distribution records, and further sampling in such habitats should lead to further discoveries.

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