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Democracy--Asia; Democracy--Cross-cultural studies; Authoritarianism--Asia


A study of the feasibility of democracy in the developing nations in Asia. The premise of this study is that the Asian concept of democracy is not tantamount to the Anglo-American counterpart. The various types of democracy that exist in the new nations of Asia today are, in fact, alternative to Western democracy and are hardly democracy at all. Rather, they are authoritarian regimes. The emerging nations of Asia are at the threshold of political modernization, and such contingency can be met by a particular socio-political system. The authoritarian regimes of Asia are such systems in point. The requisites of democracy are not yet readily available in the developing nations of Asia and authoritarianism appears as a symptom of the birth of new nations from old societies. However, the present rejection of democracy in Asia does not necessarily mean that democracy will not be feasible in Asia in the future.

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