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Wild oat; Plant competition; Plant nutrients


Wild oat plants attained the same heights, weights, and P contents when competing with barley, wheat, oats, or other wild oats al both high and low nutrient concentrations. This same relation was found in the K content of wild oats grown with barley and wheat, but wild oats competing with oats contained less K than those competing with wild oats, and this difference was accentuated with increased nutrient concentrations.

Barley plants grown in competition with wild oats or with other barley plants showed no effects of competitive interaction al either nutrient concentration.

Wheat and oats, like barley, showed no gross growth differences with competing species, but ,both wheat and oats contained more P and K when grown in competition with wild oats than when grown under intraspecific competition. While this interaction was found al both nutrient concentrations, it was more pronounced al the higher one.

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