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Phanerogams--Minnesota; Plants--Classification


A life-form study, using the Raunkiaer classification, was mode of the spermatophytes of Minnesota. Three life-form spectra ore presented: Minnesota (Ph 13.0%, Ch 3.0%, H 49.0%, Cr 22.0%, Th 13.0%); Cloy County, a grassland area (Ph 12.3%, Ch 1.7%, H 53.7%, Cr 19.5%, Th 12 .8%); and St. Louis and Lake counties, within the Boreal Coniferous Forest (Ph 14.9%, Ch 2.9%, H 47.2%, Cr 25.5%, Th 9.5%. (These data indicate that a hemicryptophytic climate prevails in Minnesota and ore generally in harmony with Raunkiaer's assertions concerning the relation between life-form spectra and latitude.

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