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Election districts; Politics, Practical


The objective of this paper is to make available a personal account of my experiences in a political campaign. It is presented in the hope that it will be a useful addition to the materials available to students of the political process-or of the Great Game of Politics. Let me briefly state the facts of this case study.

I am professor of political science at Concordia College in Moorhead, but I have ventured outside the ivory towers to play a small role in party politics. In the course of this activity I became, in 1962, the DemocraticFarmer- Labor Party's candidate for Congress in Minnesota's 7th Congressional District. It took two district conventions to make me the party's endorsed candidate and a battle with two opponents in the primary campaign to make me the official nominee. I was defeated by the Republican incumbent in November by a vote of 70,546 to 65,161.

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