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Land grants; Agriculture


Agriculture is the most basic of all human enterprises. Quantity and quality, as related to food production, are founded upon principles of science; a situation whereby man can use his own ingenuity to instrument selected benefits by modifying the course of nature. History provides evidence of a correlation between development of a primitive agriculture and a numerical increase in human population. Furthermore, records of the past show that food supplies have delimited man's geographic distribution, frequently have directed the policies of his government, and ultimately have seemed to mark the boundaries of his social progress. In modern times the United States has been known for its abundance, yet in this same period three quarters of the world population in general has been hungry. For preeminence in production of things agricultural, the American people must honor their predecessors who laid the foundation on which that abundance has been built - outstanding of which has been the Land-Grant College System. If viewed in retrospect, one of the most clever undertakings by the Americans for their ultimate good was begun in 1862 when President Lincoln signed a bill creating these institutions where knowledge for use and knowledge for all was made available to virtually every citizen. From this time on, education took on a dynamic 3;spect. This year we can evaluate a century of progress since this event took place, a century in which this country has surpassed all others in several areas of human endeavor. Herein was created a development which has become a traditional way of life in this country and the principal ideas formulating its basic nature have been contagious around the world.

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