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Barley--Diseases and pests


In recent years the demand by the malting industry for plump, non-discolored barley has increased, as is evident from the premium market prices paid for such grain ( 4) . There is evidence from laboratory research ( 6), and from practical malting and brewing experience that bright barley is most desirable and suitable for malting purposes ( 5). It has been suggested that kernel discoloration is related to the number and kinds of micro-organisms in and on the kernels (2, 3, 4) and that barley varieties differ in their susceptibility to invasion by these micro-organisms (3). At present, Liberty barley is not acceptable for malting, one of the reasons being that kernels are variable in shape and color, frequently having a dull-gray appearance at maturity. However, Liberty barley has an outstanding yield potential, particularly under dry land and irrigated growing conditions where yield is an important consideration. An albino lemma mutant of this variety was obtained that did not have at maturity the objectionable color and variable kernel characteristics when grown under conditions in Montana. During the 1960 and 1961 growing seasons the albino lemma Liberty was compared to normal lemma Liberty when grown in Minnesota under conditions favorable for the invasion of kernels by microorganisms. Particular attention was paid to the relative susceptibility of each selection to invasion by certain filamentous fungi, the kernel discoloration resulting from invasion, and the effect of such invasion on the development of the kernels. The ultimate objective was to determine whether albino lemma Liberty could retain its favorable characteristics under Minnesota disease conditions.

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