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Blackduck culture; Minnesota--Antiquities; Ceramics


The present paper involves the ceramic analysis section of a more comprehensive study relating to the seven most extensively excavated Blackduck focus sites in Minnesota. The pottery from the sites analyzed falls into three ware categories: the Blackduck ware, the Laurel or Rainy River ware, and a third unidentified ware. The Blackduck ware, which is the one with which we are primarily concerned, has been generally described by Lloyd A. Wilford several times (1941, 1955). His description of the pottery may be taken as a general ware description, although there are several details that need clarification. The· ware may be broken down into ten tentative types. These will be discussed in detail. This paper deals only with the Blackduck material. A complete description of all ceramics of this focus may be found in Evans, 1961.

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