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Pollination; Spotted wintergreen--Minnesota; Ericaceae--Minnesota


The closely related ericaceous ericaceous genera, Pyrola L. and Monese Salisb. ex. Gray, are common throughout the world in coniferous woods of north temperate areas. Characteristically they are small herbaceous plants with basal evergreen leaves and decorative inflorescences of green, white or pink flowers appearing in the early summer. In Minnesota there are five species of Pyrola-P. asarifolia Michx., P. elliptica Nutt., P. rotundifolia L., P. secunda L., and P. virens Schweigger. There is also the one species of Moneses, M. uniffora (L.) Gray. All these occur together in abundant quantities and bloom at approximately the same time. Consequently they are suitable as experimental material for a field problem. The aspects chosen for investigation were those of interspecific hybridization and pollination mechanisms.

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