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Tamarack; Trees--Growth


The purpose of this study is to evaluate a method of calculating the annual accumulation of xylem in shoot system of a tree. Larix laricina was ideally suited for this study because of several structural traits. Its terminal bud scale scars or girdles remain visible up to approximately eight years after their formation and make it possible to differentiate between each year's addition in stem length. It has one dominant leader bud which forms a straight main axis facilitating the differentiation between axial and secondary branch growth. Larix laricina also has growth rings which can be easily identified when cross sections of the stem are made. These growth rings may be formed in an eccentric manner around the pith, but the eccentricity is quite uniform for the entire branch. The assumption was made for this study that the annual growth layers represent numerous inverted hollow cones placed one upon another to form a complex laminated solid cone.

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