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Fungi--Spores; Germination


Soil prevents spores of many fungi from germinating, according to reports from different parts of the world. Thus Welsh soils were reported to be fungistatic to several fungi (Dobbs, 1953). Jackson (1958) made a similar report about Nigerian soils. In Minnesota Fusarium oxysporium f. lini (Bolley) Sny. and Han. persists in soil devoid of host debris but Helminthosporium sativum P.K.B. does not (Anwar, 1949). A more thorough study of the influence of Minnesota soils on germination of fungus spores would provide additional information on ecology of fungi and might suggest control measures for certain pathogens. Such a study may be readily adapted to the needs of students working on science projects. The procedures are simple and the facilities required are readily available in most biology laboratories in high schools and colleges in Minnesota. The present paper describes the methods and indicates results obtained from some simple experiments.

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