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Spring 2006


Elementary language books are filled with exciting cultural information ranging from the origins of Paris when its inhabitants, /es Paris ii ( also called /es Parasites by some scholars), were planning to build an Eiffel tower with bamboos and shoe laces, to the daily life of Georg Brucke dreaming about buying a grey Mercedes while chewing on a pretzel, or Jorge Puente's Saturday at the bullfight, where his wife dragged him because she is in love with the torero. No doubt students find such insights into the swinging life of foreigners ·as fascinating as the story of US farmer George Bridges raising sheep or polar armadillos in rural Minnesota. However, statistics actually show that students have little interest in culture, in spite of the sincere efforts of their teachers, who will dress up as a mariachi or a gendarme, yodel in public and bring back suitcases of realia from trips ·abroad they can barely afford.

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