Alumni Relations: Photos (A17-A-2) contents

UMM Archives


The photos are split up into three boxes. The first box has two smaller boxes inside of it, one green and one grey. They both have various types of photos in them ranging from sports, commencement, alumni reunions, scenic, jazz fest, homecoming, art exhibit, randoms, etc. The ones in the green box are older photos ranging from the 80s to the 90s, but it is kind of hard to tell because most of them aren’t labeled. The grey box ranges from 2001-2002. Both have black and white and colored pictures. The second box contains binders and scrapbooks. There are two sorority scrapbooks one for Sigma Sigma Sigma (1970) and the other for Sigma Kappa Phi (1969). There is an Alumni Career Fair photo album. There is a scrapbook that has newspaper clippings pertaining to UMM alum such as deaths, engagements, weddings, jobs, etc. The third box has two commencement photo books (2000 and 2004, 30 CDs with photos on them, and other miscellaneous photos.