University Relations: A/V files (A17-B-4) contents

UMM Archives


The audio /visual files have been divided into three boxes. The first box has tape reels of events and things such as: UMM band fight song, Rodney Briggs on UMM facilities, Arts and Letters Festival 1966, Dr. C. Peter Magrath, Hearing from Ron Hamm 1973, McGinnis Room Dedication 1974, etc. There are also film reels of events such as: First Cap and Cap Day 1964, Commencement Ceremony 1987, Commencement Ceremony 1988, Football film, Campus Shorts, Winter Frolic Variety Show, etc. The second box has two Newsnight Minnesota, KSAX-TV, KSAX, KSAX KCCO, KTCA (all pertaining to UMM or interviewing UMM staff), University of Minnesota 150th birthday, etc. The third box has interviews with UMM staff such as: James Gremmels, Dave Johnson, Bill Stewart, Sam Schuman, Helen Briggs, Thomas Mc Roberts, Stephen Granger, Bettina Blake, and John Imholte (all were in 2000). There are a bunch of audiotapes such as: Founder’s Day research, Echoes of Cry of the Marsh, Joyeaux Noel, MAHS Funding Commercials, A Day in the Life of a Cougar, and UM Minute Television Ads.