University Relations: Campus events (A17-B-7) contents

UMM Archives


Campus Events has been divided into two boxes. The first box contains a statement written by Edward J. Morrison in 1959 to the Members of the Board of Regents, there are also some photos and newspaper clippings inside the binder containing the statement. Weekly Bulletin binder dates 1972-1975, there are some documents that were stamped by Ron Hamm and Martha Kroening. Another binder of Weekly Bulletins dated 1963-1974. Inside is a binder titled Memorial for Rodney Briggs who died in 1995, age 72. There are two binders for Commencement, one 1981 and one 1982. Inside those binders are programs, list of graduates, newspaper clippings, speech by John Imholte in 1982, etc. There is a folder for the Computer Center Dedication which took place in 1984; inside the folder are newspaper clippings, guest lists, guest invites, etc. There is also a folder pertaining to the Imholte Celebration of 1990. Inside the folder are programs, a song about John Imholte, news bulletin, event plan drafts and plan A and plan B, memos to UMM staff, letters written to and by Ron Pollworth, etc. The second box contains folders that are all about dedication such as: Gay Hall, HFAC, Food Service, Apartment Residence, Behmler Hall, and HFA. There is a folder pertaining to Kenneth Keller, the University’s 12th President started in 1985, and the folder has newspaper clippings, magazine, Inaugural address, “A Commitment to Focus,” and photos. There is folder that has all of the groundbreaking information in it such as: the swimming pool in 1972, Clayton A. Gay Hall in 1964 (actually has a groundbreaking photo), Humanities I in 1972, Science complex in 1965, Library phase II in 1972, Residence Hall IV Apartments in 1970, Humanities phase II 1972, and Food Service in 1970. Also in the folder is the renaming of the Junior Hall, Women’s Residence, and Senior Hall to Pine Hall, Camden Hall, and Blakely Hall in 1965.