University Relations: Correspondence, artifacts, awards and promotional (A17-B-5) contents

UMM Archives


The Correspondence/Artifacts/Awards/Promotional material is divided up into three boxes. The first box has plaques in it such as: “Scholar of the College Award” 1962-1970, “Dean’s Award” 1961-1970, “The Edna Murphy Morrison Award” 1961-1970, and “Faculty Member of the Year” 1965-1970. There is a framed certificate for the “Award for Patriotic Service” given to UMM in 1974. There is a folder full of UMM pamphlets. There are folders with faculty and staff biographical data, each person has their own folder; the following names are: Peter French, Daisy Hansen, Alan J. Harris, Walter Heller, Berton E. Henningson Jr., Merle Hirsh, Richard, Ikka, Michael D. Jackson, Rose Johnson, John Kearnes, Bill Kelly, Willis Kelly, Ann Kramer, Lehmann Vernice, Jim Lind, C. Peter Magrath, Maren Michaelson, Malcom C. Moos, G. H. Morris, Stacey Parker, Tim Reeves, Ellen R. Robert, William Rogers, Geraldine Sanford, Bill Scarborough, Richard Smith, William Tomhave, Robert Watson, Barbara Wettstein, Howard Wettstein, and Ralph E. Williams. There is folder pertaining to the events of the McGinnis room being named the McGinnis room in honor of Patrick J. McGinnis. The plaid binder is a 40th Birthday Historical Booklet. There is a Faculty Award that was given to UMM in 1961. There is a folder that has a letter from Rodney Briggs to Dave Johnson. The second box has 72 UMM posters in it. The third box has a UMM board game.