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Statistics Professor Engin Sungur and student researcher Reid Ronnander collected all publicly available data relating to the four townships region and developed a comprehensive report. Phase two of the project included the development, implementation and analysis of a survey that measured the economic and demographic information, as well as development opinions of the region. This information also led to the development of a seasonal and permanent resident profile to help better explain the similarities and differences between the two types of populations. Lastly, property tax information was gathered to assess how much the two types of residents were paying in taxes.

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Center for Small Towns


Morris, MN


Eagle's Nest Township, Fall Lake Township, Morse Township, Stony River Township, Lake County, St. Louis County, Ely, Economic Development, Community Development, Seasonal Residents, Permanent Residents, Second Home Owners, Quality of life, Volunteering, Demographic data, economic data, housing, property tax employment, buy local, land owners, population data, survey

The Four Townships Area Economic, Housing, and Development Survey