Counseling (A4) contents

UMM Archives


This relatively small record group represents some of the functions of the Counseling Office. Most of the records date from the 1960s and 1970s. The contents of the first two boxes consist of ACT Research Service Reports and present a statistical profile of Morris students for the first two decades of UMM's history.

Box 3 consists of bound materials--primarily agendas, minutes, reports--assembled by the "Council of Academic Officers." The Council was an all-University group of administrators that served as a standing Senate committee. Established in 1973 the Council served an advisory role and weighed in on a variety of topics. The inclusion of these papers in this group was probably a product of Gordon Bopp performing multiple administrative roles in the campus' early years.

Of note within Box 4 are the large number of files on Drug Education which documents the shifting nature of the office and changing awareness of chemical issues and concerns. Box 4 also contains a small number of bulletins and schedules.