Student organizations (A1-N) contents

UMM Archives


Series includes documents related to UMM student activities an.d. organizations, including sororities and fraternities. Materials include petitions to create and dissolve clubs, memorandum and correspondence, meeting minutes, programs, reports, calendars of events and schedules, office forms, and brochures. Of special interest are the various files entitled “Agoraphobia,” which document the financial situation of a student-operated store on campus, the file on “Alpha Rho Psi Fraternity,” an affiliate of the Tau Kappa Epsilon (TEKEs); the file marked “Campus Broadcasting Organization, 1965-1966,” apparently the first attempt to build campus-wide radio programming, the “KUMM” files from 1974-75 to 1982-83; the single file titled “Cheerleaders, Cougar, Pep Squad, 1965-66,” the file on “Diversity Efforts, 1990-91,” the “Flatlands, 1989-90” file which documents the conclusion of a short-lived spring tradition, the “UMM Intramural Sports,” from 1966-67; the various “MCSA” files, the lone file from the “MCSG” (Morris Campus Student Government) from 1968-69, the “Minority Student Program” files that hold a few copies of student literary publications entitled “Expressions” (1974-75 an.d. 1975-76), the single file, “Student Action” from 1970-71 which documents the campus response to the U.S. invasion of Cambodia and the Kent State killings and the multiple files of the “Morris Campus Union Board.”