UMM committees (A1-E) contents

UMM Archives


Chancellor’s Papers on Committees include correspondence, memoranda, newsletters, reports, project forms, flow charts, surveys, etc. on diverse matters involving campus governance, committee and task force work at/or connected to UMM. These include but are not limited to the Academic Grievance Committee, the Activity Fee Review Committee (1972-95), the Administrative Committee (1968-69, 1975-78, 1980-84, 1991-95), a briefly lived “Alcohol Policy Committee” (1974), Campus Resources and Planning Committee (1965-87 and 1991-95), Commission for/on Women, the Consultative Committee (1962-63, 1968-95), the Executive Committee (1968-95), Functions and Awards Committee (1971-82, 1991-95), General Education Committee (1987-94), Master Planning Committee (1992-95), the various committees given to minority students, (1973-95); Morris Campus Union Board (1973-84); Scholastic Committee (1968-95). These materials are quite diverse and include grievance reports, activities fee reports/recommendations, committee assignments and members, UMM constitution/by-laws, curriculum changes/updates, student organizations policies, major requirements, to list a few. Some materials discuss personal issues. Of particular interest is the short file of materials from the “Action Committee, 1969-70,” which dealt with admissions and freshman seminar issues; the files from the “Academic Dean Search Committee, 1978-79;” the file from the “Athletic Task Force, 1998-99;” materials from the “Black Student Union Task Force, 1978-79;” the “Campus Club Management Committee, 1971-72,” which investigated the establishment of a separate club facility for faculty and staff; the rosters of committee assignments from 1969 to 1992; materials having to with constitutional revisions; a significant collection of records from the curriculum committee from the early 1960s through the mid-1990s; materials from various Freshman Seminar (1980-83) and Freshman Year Experience Committees (1968-70, 1973-77, 1979-81, 1991-93); the extensive collection of materials from the Honors Program Committee, especially for the period, 1964-71; the single file devoted to “Project Prosper” (1986-87); Title III grant and program materials (1982-87); a folder of Title IX materials including a “UMM Self Study Working File;” files from various task forces, committees and initiatives devoted to campus child care issues; and “University 2000” materials.