UMM Miscellaneous and Correspondence: Health and safety (A1-K-l) contents

UMM Archives


These records--the majority of which are in the form of correspondence, memoranda and reports--comprise an eclectic mix of materials. Most of these materials involve issues of health and safety on campus. Other files represent the role of campus administrators in public health and safety issues involving the local communities. For example, two large files document the administration's participation in a community-wide attempt to attract medical doctors to the area in the early 1970s. Other materials include: health and safety inspections of Food Service and the Science Building, the environmental impact of the Highway 59 extension in the 1970s, an obviously misfiled folder reflecting the debate over the Health and Fitness major, a folder marked "Handicapped" from 91-92, accident reports, materials related to fire safety, and a large folder dedicated to the University's health care plan in 1992 and 93.