Academic Assistance (A28) contents

University of Minnesota - Morris


The Academic Assistance Office (AAO) grew out of an effort to provide tutoring support to minority students at the time of the establishment of the Minority Student Program in 1971. The "Campus Tutorial Program" founded in that year served the general student body and relied on faculty serving as tutors in the various disciplines. A Title III Grant funded the establishment of a formal Academic Assistance Program in the winter of 1984. It was headed by William Campbell, who enjoyed the title of coordinator, and he worked with the "Academic Assistance Program Advising Committee." Ferolyn Angell succeeded Campbell in 1990, and in 1995 the title was changed to "Director." The AAO was also responsible for assisting students with disabilities and an office of Coordinator for Disability Services was created in 1996.

Materials in this record group consist primarily of records collected during Ferolyn Anngell's tenure as first Coordinator and then Director of Academic Assistance. Ms. Angell also taught dance, participated in Inquiry and First Year Seminar Programs and some records from these programs are also included. Other materials reflect Angell's committee work. Of special interest is the file on the 1993 Halloween Incident ("KKK Incident).